Monday, June 27, 2016

Let's Talk Google+

Occasionally, I am writing about different social media websites. I use to promote my blog posts. Plus, the posts of fellow writers / bloggers. If you are a writer of any sort of site, social media is the best way to get your websites noticed. Sign up and start promoting / sharing your writing and website links.

Google+ History

Google+ was founded in 2011. It is owned and operated by the Google Inc. It is another social media website. Where people connect, share and comment. You must be registered to share or comment.

Google+ uses "circles", where you can organize your friends. By adding them to different lists. That way when you share something, you can direct it to a certain group of people on a list. Are you a member of Google+?

It reminds me of the way Facebook allows you to place people in different list.

Follow me, I follow you

As with other media websites. I tend to follow all those who follow me. Except for those who share things of : Abuse, nudity or spam. As I like reading on a bunch of different niches and writing styles.

Share Your Photos on Google+

Sunflower taken from last years garden.
Sandy KS aka ©rusty2rusty

I tend to share my blog posts. I help to promote my friends writings and blog posts. I share photography and much more. The above photo, I use on my profile on Google+, as a cover photo. What do you think of it? I am always looking for photography tips and pointers. I took the photograph out in my back yard last past summer. I share photography on a variety of subjects. From  Animals in the area I live, my dogs & cat, freebies I send out for, sunflowers, clouds, and rain storms and photographs related to my niche subjects..

Google+ is a great way to promote your writings and blog posts with other like minded people. It doesn't matter what writing site or blog you write for. I would love to connect with others who use Google+ too.

I would love for you to connect with me on Google+. If you are not a member already. You need to register. You can connect by clicking my profile link :  

I would love to see your blog posts over on Google+. As I find many blog posts I don't find on other social media websites. I leave comments on this way and share them.

If you are looking to gain more connections in Google+, please leave your Google+ profile link in the comments below. This is not a follow for follow blog post. People can leave their link if they are looking for new connections. Those looking for new connections can check out link to see if they wish to connect or not.

Are you a member of Google+? If so, what do you like about Google+ the most? What do you like about it the least?


  1. Thanks Sandy for clearing up Google +, sometimes I wonder whether all this social media sharing makes a difference. After reading this I think it probably does.

    1. I do think all these different social media sites do help. As not everyone is on all of them.

  2. Google+ seems to be neglected by many bloggers/writers but, as you say, it is an excellent resource for traffic to our work. You didn't mention G+ Communities which are groups of like-minded writers who share similar niche or related content or that we can set up Google Collections which are similar to Pinterest Pages - places to collect all our related content. I use two G+ Collections; one for my tropical fish and one for my Scotland posts. Did you also know that if we have a YouTube Channel (I do) G+ can link to that and our YouTube videos can be found through G+? Google+ is certainly well worth being a member of.

    1. I have joined a few groups but, I am not active like I am in the Facebook ones. I am still learning the collections. Thank you for explaining there is still much more about Google+ than people realize.

  3. Just stopping in - from a link shared on G+! If you want proof that social sharing works, there it is!


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