Wednesday, June 29, 2016

9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be On A Leash

I have had dogs almost my entire life. From the time I was born til now. I currently have two dogs. I enjoy walking with my dogs as much as any dog owner. Even I am aware they have limits when walking off a leash.

Sure it is nice to watch them walk beside me with no leash. I make sure when that does happens. I am in a pet friendly area to make it happen. Like my fenced in back yard, or the dog run located by the town reservoir. As I believe it is my responsibility to keep them safe.

You Should Keep Your Dog On A Leash For 9 Reasons

1. Your dog can run off after hearing a loud noise. Such as a car backfiring. Thus scaring your dog enough for them to run and get lost.

2. To prevent your dog from jumping up and knocking down the disabled, elderly or small child. You never know how bad someone can get hurt when they get knocked down by a dog of any size.

3.  A big dog running up to someone they don’t know can scare someone because of their size. Some people have  a fear of big and large size dogs. No reasons why both of you can’t enjoy the same sidewalk together.

4. Your dog could do something natural – Chase wildlife. Your dog needs to be taught when he or she is out with a walk with you. They need to focus on the walk. Not chasing wildlife.

5. Some dogs hates cats so much. They will chase and kill them. When the cat gets away. Or runs up a tree. The dog is disoriented and has no clue where the dog is at. Causing him to get lost.

6. Running off leash can cause your dog to run out into the road and get hit by a car. With a leash, you stop your dog before darting out in to the road.

7. A dog running up to other dogs on a leash and get in to their faces, can and has caused fights in aggressive dogs. Never allow your dog to run up to another without knowing they are aggressive or not. Having them on a leash you can test their reaction, and body movement out before allowing them to meet. If an aggressive sign pops up. You can easily steer your dog away with the leash. Avoiding a bad situation.

8. Depending where you live. Your dog can be shot for being off leash by police officers. It recently happened in Colorado. Check your local laws to see if a dog is required to be on leash. Otherwise you can get a ticket. Or worse your dog can be killed.

9. Off leash your dog can get in to some dangerous stuff, eat it and can get very sick. Getting you a vet bill. Or worse. You burying your pet.

Can you think of others reasons a dog should be on a leash?

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  1. This was a great post! I am guilty for having my dog walk off the leash and he has done lots of these things that you describes including getting hit by a car... which was awful! I have since realized that the leash is the absolute best place for your dog if you want to keep him and others safe. Thanks so much!

    1. I am sorry you learned the hard way.
      When I was a child, my family had a poodle mix. named Snowball. He liked to chase vehicles and try to bite their tires. One day he was hit when he tried to do that. It didn't kill him but knocked him for a loop. I have never forgot seeing that. As the dog was never the same after that. He stopped chasing cars.

  2. I agree - most places dogs should be on leashes - it's just common sense safety! I also prefer harnesses to collars alone - also just safer!

    1. I too prefer harnesses over collars. My Chug has a big neck. He slips right out of collars. I like the harness better because when he tugs it doesn't choke or hurt him. Like a collar would.

  3. It's commonsense really. Keeping your dog on a leash unless in a safe area is the socially responsible thing to do!

    1. Yes, it is but not everywhere. Can you believe a place I went on vacation allows their dogs to run the streets? From my understanding, the only rule is you do not feed another person's dog. That way that dog will always return home when it is hungry.

  4. Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the harness with front clip


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