Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Have You Tried Co-Promote To Boost Your Engagement?

Running a blog I am always on the lookout for other websites that can help me enhance or promote my blogs. One website I have found has helped me grow my Twitter followers. Recently the website has expanded to allow more social media.

What is the website? It is called Co-Promote.

With Co-Promote, you can use the free version. Or use the paid version. There are several plans to choose from to fit your budget.

Several things you can do on Co-promote

1. Reach new people - Co-promote matches your post with like minded people who are likely to engage.
2. Engage - When you share other people's post, yours will get shared to.
3. 100% trust - The post on the website are real.
4. Analyze your shares - Get detailed results on who boosts your posts and how their audience reacts
5. Target your audience - You get to choose which type of posts your wish to see, engage and boost. Choose who to follow in your favorite niches.
6. Follow new people in the same niche as you.

By boosting your best and most engaging posts, you draw in more traffic to your blogs.

You are welcome to share in the following categories  

1. Art, photography, and design
2. Entertainment and media
3. Fashion and beauty
4. Food and drinks
5. Gaming
6. Lifestyle, home and travel
7. Music and much more

Find your niche and engage with others within your niche. Or branch out and find more to engage in.

Places you can promote and engage through Co-promote to combine your social reach 

1. Twitter
2. Instagram
3. YouTube
4. Tumblr
5. Vine
6. Facebook Page (must verify)

How to contact Co-promote
Co-promote has their address, phone number and  email address on their website. They are based out of New York in the USA.

What you need to do after creating an account
1. Pick a  post to promote on one of the social networks.
2. Get matched with the right people who will most likely engage.
3. Reach new customers
4. Build your network by sharing other members content and boosting your own.
5. Get shares and retweets by real people

You can sign in by using your Twitter, Tumblr or Youtube account.

The niches I choose to engage in on Co-promote

1. All food & drinks
2. Home & Garden
3. Pets
4. Dogs

Have you tried Co-promote yet?

Edit: This website has been having technical errors and is now down. It has been for several months. I am not sure I fit is coming back. If you find a similar site like co-promote. Please let me or send me an invite to


  1. I'm a member. I'm getting some retweets, but not a lot of click throughs. Just boosted another post today, we'll see how it does.

    1. Keep at it and your reach will grow. When you have a chance to follow someone. Do so. As it has helped my twitter following grow. I am hoping to do that with my Instagram as well. My reach is almost 30,000. That mean anything I post has the potential to reach more people.

  2. Hi Sandy. Can you publish a link to Co-Promote, please? I'd like to check it out, and I assume you get some kind of credit when we click through from your page.

    1. I added the link. Thank you I had not noticed I never shared it.

  3. I haven't tried this yet, but would be willing to give it a go. I need the promotions and am willing to reciprocate.

    1. I am the same way. I like Co promote as it works for me.

  4. I have been co-promoting since 2008, started doing this with another publisher at ehow. We called it back then "wiring buddies" Know that it is very beneficial since your work will get more views. the co-promote is not limited to articles you can do it with products too.

    1. Yes, you can use it for many different reasons. that is what I like about Co promote. I am glad to hear from someone else who uses it.

  5. Thanks for the info - will be looking into it this weekend :)

  6. I tried to connect using my Twitter account, but the app crashed twice. Will try later. Maybe I can figure out why it kept getting stuck...

  7. I have not tried, yet. I am hoping for a break in work so I was promote my blog more. Thank you for sharing this information.


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