Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Taco Tuesday

Today's dinner consists of something I can make and put together quickly. In the summer I don't like spending anymore time in the kitchen than I have too.

I also look for ways to make my family favorites with a twist. If I can add more vegetables or create it a little bit healthier each time, I do.

After shopping at Aldi's and driving home in the heat with the windows down. I was worn out, hot, and my feet and legs were swelling. It was time to make something quick, where I  can sit back and relax. Tacos it is.

As soon as the groceries was put away, I started making tacos. I fried up the lean hamburger, added the taco seasoning, and set aside. I sliced up the lettuce and fresh ciltronto. I sliced up the olives. I got the lime juice, shredded taco style cheese, flour tortilla's and pesto sauce.

My daughter decided to add everything in a bowl. She didn't want any taco shells or chips. It sure look good as a salad. She has two bowls full.

My boyfriend and I decided to have our tacos in the flour tortilla's. Don't they look good?

flour tortilla
pesto sauce
ground hamburger with taco seasoning
taco style shredded cheese
black olives
lime juice

I placed a small amount of pesto sauce on the flour tortilla. I added two teaspoons of ground hamburger with taco seasoning, layered it with cilantro and lettuce. Added some taco style shredded cheese and black olives.  Topped it off with a few sprinkles of lime juice.

Do you do taco tuesdays?
How do you make your tacos?
Do you try new combinations you have never tried before?


  1. These are neat combinations. I love the idea of having olives in a taco!

  2. Yummy! I like to mix it up but I have to say I am not a fan of fish soft tacos...

    1. I have had good and bad fish tacos. One place I will never try them again.

  3. We have tacos sometimes. We like the hard shell. I can eat like 6 of the things. I eat the meat mix, sour cream and cheese on mine, that is all.

    1. I love hard tacos but the ones I seem to find in the store are horrible tasting or to hard to eat. Like they are stale. I tend to buy flour ones or fry my own corn tortillas up because of it.

  4. Tacos, hard or soft, are a big hit at our house. I've never added lime juice before, but will try it the next time. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Lime juice does make a difference. My boyfriend added more on his tacos than I do.

  5. I LOVE tacos! And burritos, and enchiladas...... most Mexican food. It's been quite a while since I made my own tacos because there are so many places to buy them in San Antonio. Your recipe sounds delicious. Not everyone likes cilantro, but I do.

    1. I just had taco son Tuesday night. It was quick and easy. I love tacos.


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