Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why do people think every Facebook post is about them?

Earlier today on Facebook I shared a photo. I found on my timeline. I found it funny. It made me smile. Having depression, there isn't much that can bring a  smile out in me. The funny thing was a response to my post. The person spelled the word I used wrong. I replied telling her what the word was I used, how I spell it and what it meant.

A little later I noticed a post shared by this same person using the word she misspelled. I don't know if she got inspiration from the photo to write that or she really thought I was talking about her.

At first I thought, does she really think I called her that or think of her that way? I sure hope not. Than I just started laughing. Why? Frankly, I find it weird that a photo I shared in all fun and games turned to a serious discussion by someone else.

I realize if she thinks negative of the photo I shared. There is no way I can change that. Nor will I bother making a comment on her post to further bait me in to an argument.

Once again I will state I share things on my timeline that I find funny or have a strong opinion about. If they are about a certain person, I will call that person out. If you don't like what I share or my opinions, feel free to disconnect any time. I will not harbor any ill feelings.

Why do people think every Facebook post or photo shared is about them? This is something I have seen across social media.

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