Thursday, April 13, 2017

Experience Four Seasons And Activities

Funny thing I noticed when I Googled the words 'four seasons'. Every link shared on the first page is the Four Seasons hotel, resort, restaurant, or a band. I wonder why is that when there another four seasons not mentioned. 

A season is part of the year, divided up by the changing of the weather. The four seasons that are experienced in certain parts of the world are spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

I live in NW Ohio, where I experience all four seasons. Not ever part of the world can experience all four seasons like Ohio can. Let me tell you a little bit about each season and the different things I have experienced with each of them.


Winter is the first season of all four seasons of the years experienced in my area. Which would be the months of December, January, February, and March. Many animals will migrate or hibernate. People will dress to stay warm, consume hot drinks like hot chocolate, coffee or tea.

Activities During The Winter

Making snowman
Snowball fights
Building Snow forts
Making snow angels

Of everything in the winter, I like doing the least would be shoveling the driveway or sidewalks.


Spring is the second season of the four seasons experienced in my area. Spring arrives late March to early April. The funny thing about Spring in Northwest Ohio, you never know what type of weather to expect from day to day. One day it can be 65 degrees and sunny, next day 45 degrees and stormy, followed by hail or snow will low temperatures. You get to experience a wide range of weather. It can get windy in the Spring, where you must watch out for Tornados.

Spring is when the trees start to bud, flowers start to grow, and grass starts to turn green in the areas that turned brown. The ground will be moist, damp and in some areas covered with water. Animals start to come out of hibernation, migrate back from warmer parts of the USA, and birds will build a nest and lay eggs. Many animals are born throughout spring and summer.

Activities In The Spring

Planting flower or vegetable gardens
Fly a kite
Cleaning up local parks
Riding a bike
Spring cleaning
Opening windows or doors to allow fresh air in
Kayaking or canoeing

Summer is the third but hottest of all seasons to be experienced in Northwest Ohio. Temperatures can rise from the 70's to low 100's. People wear less or thinner clothes. Like shorts and dresses. Instead of boots, they will wear sandals and gym shoes. School's are let out during this time. Families do a lot of traveling during the summer. People look for ways to stay cool while staying busy.

Activities In The Summer
Visiting local parks
Attending gardens
Fishing or hunting

Autumn also is known as Fall is the last of the four seasons you will experience in Northwest Ohio. Autumn is the transition from summer to winter. Where the earth prepares nature for winter. As the day and nights gradually get colder and longer. Leaves on trees start to turn colors and fall off. 

Activities in Autumn

Preparing a garden for winter
Canning foods grew in the garden
Roasting smores over a campfire
Carve pumpkins
Go to corn mazes or haunted houses
Go on hay rides

What season do you experience where you live? What season is your favorite?


  1. I grew up in NY (the suburbs of Long Island) and we had a wonderful collection of seasons. Then, I moved to MA, where we had three and a half; MI, where it was 2 1/2, CA, where there was 1 1/4, and then southern Virginia (3, with an occasional 4th). Now I live in DC, where the primary season is political.

    1. That political season has to be the harshest one of all. Lol.

  2. All 4 seasons here on the east coast of Canada. Love your photos! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you love the photos. I am happy you get to experience all four seasons.

  3. Here in Alabama we have all four seasons, but the temps are so different. Where your winter is cold and snowy ours isn`t. My favorite is Summer, I love the heat and the fact that I can stay outside as long as I want.

    1. Summer being your favorite season is something else we have in common.

  4. Not much in the way here...dry and wet :) Even rain is warm never less than 18 degerees. I miss the seasons as reguards the spring flowers for example :)


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