Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ice Treat Recipe For Dogs

Awhile back I made a comment on another bloggers post about how I keep my dogs cool. I told how I make ice treats for my dogs. The blogger asked me to share the recipe and explain how to make it. I decided to create a post. As it really is simple to do. As you can tell from the photo <--- my dogs are loving it. They do not fight over a block of ice with treats mixed in.

All you need is :

1. Dog bowl or container (I use a metal bowl, Ice slides right out)
2. Varies dog treats
3. Optional - rubber dog toy
4. Water
5. Freezer

It looks like the picture when ready --->

Instructions :

You line the bottom of your bowl or container with dog treats. I tend to place those dog treat bones around the edge of the bowl. Plus, some on the bottom. Add a little water, enough to cover treats. Freeze. Remove from freezer. Add a second layer of treats or add a rubber dog toy. Add water enough to cover treats. Repeat til the dog bowl or container is full. Remember to leave space at the top of the bowl. As water when frozen will increase in size. If not, it may over flow in your freezer or over flow the dog bowl or container.

Take out of freezer when all is frozen. This can get messy. I suggest taking it outside. Turning the dog bowl or container over. Allow the ice with treats to come out.

This is a cool way to help your dogs beat the heat. The dogs will stay hydrated by licking or eating the ice to get to the treats. Adding a rubber toy can be a way to reward your dog as well. Your dog will thank you for it.

Other cool treat for your dogs can easily be made by taking small amount of treats or meats and adding them to your ice trays. make sure to cover with water. So the treat or meat is encased in ice. Example : Tuna, scrambled egg with shell, turkey, chicken, beef. When done, add them to big plastic bag. 

I do this with left over meat instead of throwing it out. Depending on how much is left over. I can have 1 - 2 trays of ice treats at a time. I add all to one big plastic bag. That way my dogs will have a different selection all summer long.

You can also take ripe bananas, peanutbutter and yogurt. Mix together. Freeze. Now you can treat your dogs to homemade ice cream.

You don't have to break the bank to create mouth watering treats for your dogs to help keep them in cool in the summer.

Have you made homemade treat for your dog?


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  1. What a great idea. I wonder how my dog would react? There's only one way to find out. Thanks for the dog treat recipe. I can see why they would love it on a hot summer day.

    1. I am sure your dog will love it. My dogs go nuts when I make these for them.

  2. What a clever idea! Congrats on your new website. Mine is under construction as well. :)

    1. Thank you!! I checked out your website and love the banner!! It is really eye catching.

  3. This is a wonderful recipe for my Angus. I wonder if he will like it. I will try this soon. Thank you for sharing the recipe Sandy. Shared in fb


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