Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cinnamon Pecan Or S'mores Pancakes?

 Pancakes are a household staple in my home. Pancakes are eaten more often than any other breakfast item. Excluding cereal. Since, I am a type two diabetic. I will make the pancakes for my family. I will sample them. The enjoyment of eating as many you can is left for my family to enjoy. As I try to control my sugars by watching what I eat. It is better than taking a  daily pill before I eat.

Aldi's supermarket is my favorite place to find small boxes of different flavors or pancakes. each season or holiday will bring a different flavor to the store. These packages can feed up 3-4 people. All you do is add the mix to a bowl, an egg or two per directions and milk. You follow the directions if there is other packages. I did with the cinnamon pecan one. In order to add the swirl to the pancakes. Finishing up by adding glaze after the pancakes were doen cooking.

For the smores all I had to do was mix everything together to make the pancake. I made the glaze separate to add to the pancake after they were cooked.

I love it when my oldest son comes with his family and I make these flavorful pancakes. The whole family enjoys them. They are all ate up. Which is a win for me. No leftovers to tempt me later.

Both of these pancakes mixes are packed with flavor. Both was less than $2.00 a box. I served 6 people. I only sampled. It was a mix between the two on which was the family favorite.

If I had to rate these pancakes with a scale from 1-5. I would choose 5. None of these pancakes disappointment.

If you have to choose between both flavors, which one would you choose : Cinnamon Pecan or S'mores?

Some people enjoy making different shapes or figures when making pancakes.

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How do you enjoy your pancakes?

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