Thursday, March 19, 2015

He Scared Me

Photo from Pixabay
The emotion I have felt the most recent was scared. I recently came back from the grocery store. As I needed to pick up buns for tonights dinner, Sloppy Joes in the crockpot. While I was placing my items in the truck. A voice from behind spoke. I jumped with fright. As I did not hear the man walk up. He was being very nice. He told me he would take my cart back, as he was going in to the store. He did apologize for scaring me. We both laughed.

Challenge : Write about the most recent emotion you have felt.


  1. Apprehensive, possibly guilty. Someone just offered me a paid writing job. I took it. Wrote the kind of literary essay I'd like to read. Now I'm wondering, rereading the order...did I help somebody build a web site, or did I set a college freshman or high school kid up to turn in the kind of term paper s/he can't even persuade a teacher s/he wrote? (Oh well, if the client is a student and has any sense, s/he will at least have time to read the Works Cited over the weekend; they're all online.)

  2. I hope it accomplished what it was intended for. good luck in getting writing gigs.


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