Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Favorite ABC Foods

I am writing a list of my favorite ABC foods. I know there are some I may not have an answer. I am hoping to fill each letter of the ABC's. I am sure I could do this more than once. As I tend to have more than one favorite food item.

A - Apples, anyone that knows me. Knows my favorite fruit is an apple
B - Banana's, my family seems to enjoy them to
C - Ceasar Salad, I have been on a kick with Ceasar salad lately in all forms
D - Dill pickles, I love dipping them in peanutbutter. Started that trend when I was pregnant with my first child 23 yrs ago.
E - Eggs Benedict, I rarely eat this. As I am the only one in family that seems to like it. Unless I can find a restaurant that makes it. It is on my wish list.
F - Fried Chicken, I miss how my Angel grandma use to cook the family fried chicken
G - Garlic bread, I don't eat much of this either. As I tend to not eat very much bread
H - Hamburgers
I - Ice cream, I will eat ice cream in the winter time
J - Jelly, I eat this sparingly. As I don't eat much bread
K - Kumquat. I fear these fruit are a required taste
L - Lasagna
M - Mashed potatoes, I don't eat these as often as I would like because of all the carbs
N - Nuts, I love adding them in varies meals and as an ice cream topping
O - Olives, another food i don't eat much of because of the salt content they hold
P - Pancakes, I like the stuffed pancakes best
Q - Quesadilla, Chicken and cheese please
R - Raspberries, my boyfriend doesn't share my love for these.
S - Salmon, I enjoy a good grilled salmon
T - Tacos, I add as many veggies as I can to make them healthier
U - Uncle Ben's rice, I can't think of anything else that starts with the letter U that I like
V - Vanilla pudding, I use it a lot when making desserts
W - Watermelon
X - I have no clue. Any suggestions of a food that starts with the letter X
Y - Yams, I can't wait to make these for Thanksgiving
Z - Zucchini

Challenge : What are your favorite ABC foods?

Photo © belongs to rusty2rusty. It was taken at the while on vacation in Texas. I thought a picture of a restaurant would be great for my list of Favorite ABC foods.

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