Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WW : Keeping The Dogs Warm


With the recent snowfall and temperatures falling, I like to keep my dogs warm when they go outside 

Rascal my little dog loves being dressed. I bought him the harness he is wearing last year. Without it on, he refuses to go outside to use the restroom when the temperature drops.

Moose is wearing  a new coat. It is size medium. it zips up most of the way. Not all the way. A size large is too big on him. Finding the right size to fit for him is hard to do. It fits him to get more towards his neck. That is what you get when you mix a chihuahua and a pug together to produce a Chug. The back side is more like a Chihuahua, the front size is more broad like a Pug. Two different sizes.

After the dogs come in. Rascal my smaller dog always come sup to cuddle in my arms. Moose has decided he now needs to climb on my lap as well coming in from the cold. They both keep me warm snuggling up to me.

This shirt is actually a size large. I use safety pins to hold it in the right place.

John Deere green makes rascals white fur stand out.

Moose will cuddle on my boyfriend's lap, when mine isn't available. In the above photo Moose is giving me a look after I place him in a sweater. Seem coats and shirts are fine but not sweaters.

Thank goodness at least Rascal enjoys wearing sweaters. 

I am glad I have both of my dogs. I love them both.
How do you keep your pets warm when it gets cold out?

You can find some amazing shirts, coats and sweaters on Amazon to get your pets warm out in the cold.

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