Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things I am thankful for Nov 12th

I am thankful I can make a little bit of money while writing about our thoughts and dreams.
I am thankful we get paid through Paypal. I am very thankful for Paypal. As I was able to order my daughter a coat and my teen son a winter jacket. I was also able to order my boyfriend a leather golf hat to keep his bald head warm this winter.
I thankful for finding the websites through Facebook ads.
I am thankful that after everything I ordered. I was given free shipping.
I am thankful everything I ordered was at a large discount. I really can not complain for what I am paying. One status order says shipped. The other says pending but the order has been paid already. Not sure what it is waiting on.
Have you ordered anything online? How long do the items usually take to come in?
+No shipping

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