Friday, November 18, 2016

I Am Going To A Nude Wedding

I am not really going to a nude wedding. In one of the groups I am in, gave a suggestion to write if you would agree to have a nude wedding. Or write about if you would attend a nude wedding. You have to give your reasons why or why. I thought I would do this little exercise. As it is a little different and can be creative in thought.

Here is my take on the matter :

First off I want to say I am no prude. I appreciate the human body in its nude form. There are some people who do not look good naked. Nor would I ever wish to see them fully nude. Not even for a wedding. I am sure their are people would say the same about me. If not today, someday. I get it. I understand not everyone enjoys seeing the naked body in all forms.

The first thing I would do is show my significant other the wedding invitation. Depending on who it is and where it will be held at, will be the determining factor if we would attend or not. If I wasn’t going to attend, I would arrange for a gift to be sent. I would send a note wishing the newlyweds happy on their big day.

If it was required all attendees had to come nude. I don’t think I could go through with it. I have no issue being around naked people other than my significant other. I am shy when it comes showing my naked form to anyone but my significant other.

I do think I could attend a naked wedding as long as the attendees were allowed to wear clothing. Once I got to the nude wedding, no matter what I saw I would not back out. It would be an experience I would defiantly write about on my blogs.

Now if my significant other came up to me and really wanted to have a nude wedding. I would consider it. It would have to be somewhere secluded. To where only the preacher, my significant other, and the two witnesses would be. No one else. I could do this, not in the presence of a bunch of people.

If you wish to participate in this little creative writing challenge. Here are the questions you need to answer somewhere in your writing :

1. If your significant other was open to having a nude wedding, but your first thought was no. Would you consider it? Why or why not?

2. If a friend of a family member was having a nude wedding and invited you to go? Would you? Why or why not?

3. Would it make a difference going to a nude wedding if you had the choice of going fully clothed or nude?

4. Would you go if you knew the attendees would be clothes, only the bride and groom would be nude?
Would you have or attend a nude wedding?

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  1. Well Sandy you could wear nude 'colours' as you showed in your sandals there and it would classify---LOL!

  2. I would consider going to such an event but don't think my wife would agree!

  3. once upon a time, long before I had a full appreciation of gravity, I may have been convinced to attended a nude wedding. But not now! Haha!

    1. If those around em could stomach to see the body age, I would have no issues with it. Yet, I know there will always be that one jerk that would probably make me cry.

  4. Never been to nude wedding but I been to nudist camp.
    Coffee is on

    1. Did you enjoy going to the nudist camp? I have thought of going to one. Not sure what to do if I do. Lol.


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