Thursday, March 16, 2017

19 Places To Submit Your Writing Links To Gain More Exposure

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I write on this blog and my food blog. These are two places I write at. I also write at a place called Niume. I don't write there every day. I do visit to comment on friends post every day. On websites like Niume that don't rank in with Google, it is hard to get people to view your content besides the members of the website. I am compiling a list of places a writer can submit their writing links to gain more exposure to their content. Some are search engines. Others are websites you must join in order to make it work. You need to check each one and see which ones are right for you. I don't use these every day when I really should.

Places To Submit Your Links To Gain More Exposure

1.  Google Search Console - Submit your link straight to Google search engine.
2. Bing - Another search engine to sign up and submit your writing links.
3. Pingler - I haven't used this one in awhile. This has a free and paid version.
4. Ping My URL  - Another place to share your writing links.
5. Link Rink - You can submit your blog or website links. Plus follow others.
6. Blog Up - Sign Up. Add a widget to your blog and it will share new blog links automatically. I have mine set to Facebook. 
7. Link Up Parties - Join link up blog parties by submitting your link.
8. Food gawker - This site is great for those who write in the food niche.
9. Flipboard - This website is like Pinterest. You can use it for all your content. Check out my profile and see the boards I created. Sign up and create your own. Like with Pinterest, you need to do your part by gaining followers, following other, and sharing others content to.
10. Yumprint - This is another one that is great for those writing in the food niche.
11. Yummly - This is great for those writing in the food niche.
12. Feedly - Submit any writing link. 
13. Ping-o-Matic  - Share your link, add your writing link title, choose which places you wish your writing link to be pinged too.
14. Submit Start - This website allows you to submit your writing links to places such as Big, Google and more.
15. Taste Spotting - A similar website to Food Gawker and a few others I mentioned. That is great for those writing in the food niche. 

Meme - Share it. Don't be a scrooge

Adding a few more places I have come across to add your writing links to. You need to check out each website for yourself to see which ones will be right for you. In case you haven't noticed many of the websites I share are geared towards a the food niche. As I do write on a blog called "Food With A Plan".

1. Taste ologie - This is like Food Gawker, Taste spotting and  a few others. great for those in the food niche.
2. Scoop It - You get a free trail on this website. Than it will cost you monthly to share your links.
3. Food Yub - Another great for those in the food niche.
4. Co-promote - This website has my biggest resource next to Facebook groups in getting my writing links shared.  You sign up. Choose your keywords or categories, which can be changed at any time. You follow and gain followers. You can boost your links through Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, You tube and Tumblr. You have to share other members content in order for this to work. You can do a free or paid version. I do the free version. This has helped my Instagram and Twitter accounts grow. It takes a mere five to 10 minutes a day for me to use this website.  The more you share, the more your reach grows. You can share those of your friends or those that are recommended for you. I do. The best thing about this website is you can focus on one social media or several at the same time.

I will update this blog post as I hear about more websites.
If you know of any please let me know in the comments below. I will check them out and add them to this list.

With any writing website, if you want more exposure. You need to put in the work. You need to network. You need to help by sharing other people's content.

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I Run Two Facebook Groups For That

1. Niume Bloggers RoundTable - This Facebook group is for Niume writing only to share their content in.

2. Blogging Friends - This Facebook group allows you to share your writing links from any blog or writing website. We have a different mix of niches and many different writing websites members write and share from. The main rule is to share someone else's content for every link you drop. There are daily threads and Network Ladders to partipate in.

I know a few other Facebook groups that is for sharing writers content. Members are helpful to answer questions. You must read the rules. As they are different for each group. Would you like me to do a new blog post to share those?

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  1. Thank you so much Sandy you area dianmond :)

  2. This is a treasure trove, for sure!!! I'm going to see what Niume is all about right away using your link. I've never heard of the place until now.

    One thing that I have going on is where my Tweets travel on to Facebook. For instance, I'll be sharing your blog-entry as a Tweet, and it will be simulcast to Facebook.

    1. Niume is a writing site that pays very little. You have to get a ton of views. If you have a wordpress blog, you can share your niume post there.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hope you found something you can use.
      I bookmark when I come across something and at times forget about them til I go through them again. I need to sort them by categories in my bookmarks. That way it isn't all mixed up.

  4. I am glad you like my list. I hope something can be helpful.

  5. Hello, Sandy!

    Great seeing this post from CoPromote! :)

    The resources you shared are fabulous! I so love CoPromote and!

    I need to look more into the pinging sites to find which one I can take advantage of.

    Thanks for that! And see me often! :)

    ~ Adeel

  6. Great list Sandy. A million thanks for that.I have joined Yummly after reading this post and I am busy now "Yumming" my posts and others. I am still learning though and I will check the others you have mentioned above, soon.

  7. I use pinglar and they share my blog post to bing, and google and other places. Pinglar is good


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