Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing Moose the Chug

Photo copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.
This photo was taken by me of my male puppy named Moose. When he was 3 months old. He is a Chug, which is a chihuahua/ pug mix. His momma was a tall chihuahua and he was fathered by a pug. Here's a little of his back ground.

I was fostering his momma. I was told she was good with kids. Already potty trained. Non aggressive. Was up to date on shots. She wasn't fixed but had no contact with other male dogs.
Photo taken by and copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.
Got a surprise a couple months later when Moose and his two siblings popped out. They are Halloween pups born on October 31st, 2012. His momma had been tagged by the former owners male chug.

She had issues from the start. She was very aggressive towards my son and boyfriend. For some reason she hated males. So, much she would go to the bathroom on their beds if she could get in to the bedrooms. She would not allow my teenage son to walk down the hall of the trailer we lived in. She would stand at his door and growl. She would not let him out. I did what any responsible mother and pet owner would do. She was re-homed to an older lady with no children.

His siblings were one male and one female. The female looks like a chihuahua, with droopy ears like a chug. Similar in coloring to Moose but lighter in color. She was named Chia. As she was spoken for upon birth. That home became unavailable when they decided they could not get her as they were moving out of state. She was up for re-homing again. I had several no shows and alot of exchanges in emails and texts til she finally found her forever home. She was re-homed to an older lady with a cat.

The other male was much smaller. he is staying the size of a chihuahua. Light fawn in color. He was Moose side kick til he was re-homed. His owner named him Zues. He was with a friend for about a year. That story is for another time of when I fostered Zues. As I am trying to keep this story about Moose.

Photo taken by and copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.
I decided to keep Moose as my own puppy. He took to me right off the bat. As soon as he was born he wiggled right up to my leg. He would be the first one to come out when the pups started walking. He was the most playful and just seem to enjoy being around my family. He loves to play with toys. Or anything he can grab off the coffee table and run with. He also goes outside to use the rest room. He loves playing out in the snow. But hates taking a bath.

Photo taken by and copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.

He has learnt to tree a squirrel. Yesterday, he ran a black cat up the tree in the back yard. This cat stands on the other side of the wire link fence and taunts him. No harm done, the cat got away. However, the other day, a blackbird wasn't so lucky. He is a quick learner. He is also the smartest one of my three dogs.

With Moose I get the best of both worlds, a mix of chihuahua, and a mix pug traits. Moose is very comical and loves to sit in funny positions. I think he is the funniest dog I have ever owned. He also is very receptive when I do not feel good. He climbs straight on my lap and expects to be petted.

Taken by and copyright belongs to rusty2rusty.
When someone new comes over, he sits by my leg and will bark. Til I tell him to stop. He will lay down and stare at them til they leave. Once he warms up to new people. He is all over them and expects attention. He climbs on the couch like a cat. It is really funny. His favorite toy is a little stuff puppy in the first picture. He still has it. I think it is because his momma and siblings scent is on that toy pup.

As you can tell Moose has changed his looks a little bit over the last couple of years. He is still very energetic and eager to please.

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