Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A - Z Challenge : Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is a disease than most people now a days have had. Today, there is a vaccine available. The vaccine is a good thing, because if you ever had chicken pox. You would know how miserable someone feels having them.

Chicken Pox has been around for hundred's of years. Chicken Pox was first thought to come from a cow and was called Cow Pox. Than the thought it came from chicken's. Because the sores and scars looks like you were pecked by chickens. It reality noone really knows where the Chicken Pox came from. But it is known to originate from England or surrounding area's.

Chicken Pox is known as a children's disease. As mostly children get Chicken Pox. Adults are prone to get if they were never been exposed in childhood. While it not usual for adults to catch Chicken Pox. It is possible for children and adults to get Shingles. Only if they were exposed to Chicken Pox first. Because the virus that caused the Chicken Pox never leaves and remains in the body, it is the same virus that causes Shingles.

So, if you ever had Chicken Pox. Beware as you get older, you can get Shingles. Thank goodness there is a vaccine for both. So, the disease isn't as prevalent as it once was.

Have you ever had the Chicken Pox? I did really bad when I was five years old. I remember missing school because of it. I still have scars from scratching the sores open. Yuck!

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