Monday, September 5, 2016

Growing Tomatoes In Pallets

In the spring of this year I had planned on planting a big garden. To many things happened to prevent this. yet, I was able to plant a small garden in the front yard in the flower beds.

I planted a bunch of seeds. I wasn't sure if they would sprout. My daughter and i pulled all the weeds out of the flower bed. As it grew weeds and grass for years. After pulling the weeds we placed thick cardboard in the flower bed. We placed three small pallets and frog statues in the flower bed. Afterwards we placed mulch all around the statues, inside the pallets and out. We added numerous seeds and steadily watered them.

After a few months things started to grow. Lazy Susans, Marigolds and pear tomato plants appeared. Plus weeds where the other seeds were planted.
I am not sure if I actually planted weeds. Or the birds, squirrels and rabbits that frequent my front yard took off with the seeds.

By the start of August I was picking pear tomatoes. One day a neighbor came over. We started talking about my tomato plants. He asked if I sprayed anything on the plants. I said no. Only put the pallets, mulch and seeds. I occasionally water them as it rained enough times i didn't need to. yet, that was it.

He grabbed a tomato and ate one. He said the tomato tasted better than ones you can get in a store. My boyfriend grab ones and ate it. He to told me how good they tasted.
It made me secretly wish I wasn't allergic to tomatoes. I would of ate one too. The compliments made me feel good. I smile when I look at my small garden each morning seeing more tomatoes producing.

Photo taken by and © belongs to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty


  1. Nothing like a homegrown tomato! My one little plant is still going strong.

    1. I have a couple of plants and have got many tomatoes already. Plus more growing. Next year I plan on growing something else. I want to buy that flowering lettuce that looks pretty in flower beds.

  2. Home-grown produce is always the best. At home we make sure that we keep the seeds from fruits so we can plant them in the garden.

    1. I have done that many times myself. it saves on buying seeds. I will also buy a small herb plant already started and use it all year long for fresh herbs.


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