Monday, June 6, 2016

June 2016 Writing Challenges

1. What would you suggest to add to make the bathroom cleaner? Write about it.

2. Write about something that was lost, stolen, or missing. How did you feel about it?

3. Write about a time you were sick or needy.

4. What is your ideal roommate?

5. Create an About me page on your blog. Tell everyone all about yourself.

6. Write about being organized or disorganized.

7. Write about flooding in your area.

8. Write about your best friend. Whether it be a person or animal.

9. Create a water park with a unique theme. Describe the water park and what would attract customers.

10.  Put your creative caps on and write  a letter to someone telling about your journey to outer space and how long it will before you step foot on earth again.

11. What is your favorite summer memory? Write about it.

12.  Write about getting lost in a zoo. Did you find your way out? What did you do when you were lost?

13. Write about how you woke up to find you have changed in to animal or insect. How did your family react? Did you figure out why you turned it to an animal or insect? Did you end up turning back in to a human or staying an animal or insect forever?

14. Write about the flag of your country. Creative or fact.

15. Write about things that make you smile.

16. Write about beating the heat. Or some thing people did and still do to this day to beat the heat.

17. Write about something or someone you are grateful.

18. Write a letter giving advice to your younger self based on how your life has turned out.

19. How do you feel about an open body of water? Such as a : lake, pond, reservoir, river etc. Write about it.

20. Summer is here. As it gets hotter. Write how you keep your pets safe from the heat.

21.  Write about buying flowers for someone you love. It could be your significant other. A deceased loved one. A family member or friend. Your pet or yourself.. The possibilities are endless.

22. Come up with your own writing challenge. Than do it.

23. List foods that you do not like. Write about being descriptive with why you don't like the food from the smell, taste, how it is prepared etc.

24. Create a story about how you wake up in the morning and your normal routine in the second or third person.

25. Create a new animal. What would it look like, eat, behaviors, size, breeding habits etc.

26. Write about an animal point of view. It could be your pet, an animal in a zoo, your neighbor's dog that barks at the moon, or a stray cat etc.

27. If you won the lottery, write about a business you would create?

28. Write about a movie you would like to see created.

29. Create a tutorial on how to do something.

30. Sum up your month with highlights. What did you write about all month? What was your favorite? Which was the hardest.

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