Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A - Z Challenge : Letter D

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Let's talk about diaper wipes. Do you buy them? They come real handy when changing a baby, toddler or older person. They also come in handy when you have to go so much and your bum starts hurting because your running to the bathroom ten times in less than an hour. (You know what I am talking about.) Espically, when your to sensitive for toilet paper.

Wipes work great. Try using a wipe and see how smoothing it can be. If it works on a baby or toddler. It sure will work on adult as well.

I keep wipes on hand for all bathroom patrons to use. Diaper wipes also come in handy to clean a sticky toddler in a cinch when out and about or needing to go somewhere quick. My daughter no matter how old she is, seems to always have a dirty face or hands. I am always telling her to go wash her hands/ face. Alot of times this isn't notice til right before I want to walk in to a store. I get my handy stash of wipes out and have her clean herself up.

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