Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kit Kat The Feline

Kit Kat on my daughter's lap.
My family has a new addition. It is Kit Kat the feline. If you are connected to my personal account on facebook, you may have heard about her already.

I don't where she came from. I do know my boyfriend mentioned a kitten showing up at his work for about  a month straight. A couple of times when he went to get in his car, the kitten was sitting inside. I told my boyfriend if it is that little, to catch it. Bring the kitten home. We will see if it gets along with the dogs. If so, we will keep it. If not, we will find a home for it.

We have had Kit Kat for a couple of weeks now. She is my teen daughter's responsibility. My boyfriend and I do remind her to feed her and change the litter box.

Things I have come to realize about Kit Kat. She is a girl. She gets along with people. She tolerates the dogs. She will ignore them. She liked to be in laps and be held. She is partial to women. She pays no mind to my soon to be 2 year old grandson hugging on her. She likes to play. A couple of friends and I think she is between 4 and 6 months old.

My daughter could not think of a name for Kit Kat. I called out a few names til she responded. She responded to Kit Kat. So, the name stuck.

Moose the Chug pays her no mind. Rascal the Chihuahua wirehaired terrier mix, tries to be dominate. However, he also tries to play with Kit Kat.

She can be walking by the couch as Rascal sits on my lap. Rascal swats at her tail. You should've seen the surprise on his face when he realize there was a cat on the end of that tail. He quickly backed off.

Now, I have not had a cat in a very long time. What are some popular toys? Ot treats that would go over well with Kit Kat? I spoil my dogs with toys and treats. I wish to do the same with Kit Kat.


  1. All cats love to play with wadded up bits of paper. Just crumple and toss!

    I've seen some that like to play with the little tinker balls, and many love those "thing on a spring" toys you can get at a dollar store (essentially, a little bird or mouse on a spring that can be suction cupped to a surface.)

    But honestly, the free & cheap stuff goes over better with most. My neighbour's cats go crazy for empty egg cartons and any kind of cardboard - especially the corrugated stuff.


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