Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Banning Specific Dog Breeds

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The sad part of specific breed laws is the banning of certain breeds. Families loosing pets Changing how people view certain breeds. I believe it creates fear where there should be none.

Whenever I see a dog out on the street. I look it over to see how it is reacting to the public. Does it look like a service dog? If it does, I will eye it and move on. If not a service dog, and seems to have no issues being in public around strangers. I will ask if I can pet the dog. I never just walk up and start petting a dog.

For one, I never know how the owner will react of me just walking up and petting their dog. Nor do I know how the dog will react to me. Some people take their dogs for walks but they never interact with other people or animals. I don't want to be the first, and it goes bad.
Moose the "Chug"
I am owned by a Chug, Chihuahua/Pug mix, a Chihuahua mix, and a English Mastiff.
Rascal Chihuahua mix
Chihuahua's are social creatures but also known to think they are a big dog in a little body, not backing down, not showing fear. They can be snippy little buggers with lots of bark.
English Mastiff
English Mastiff's are extra large dogs. They are  known as gentle giants. With all large breeds, you must give them proper training when they are pups to ensure good behavior.

Who is afraid of my breeds? More people than you think. Maybe not scared. But annoyed, dislike, or just plain ignorant of my breeds of choice. I can think of many breeds over the years that people are afraid of, pointed out by someone wrong in the public eye. The public jumps on the bandwagon and tries to ban that specific breed.
Currently, it seems to be the Pit-bull family. When I was growing up. I remember German Shepard's, Rottweiler's, and Doberman Pinschers on the hit list of dogs to ban. If they were so bad, why do the military and our police departments use them as work dogs til this day?
Dalmatian's even made the list when they became popular after the Disney movie about Dalmatians. Just to land in the local shelters when the breed did not become the image Disney was putting out as being a great family pet. Like any dog, Dalmatian's can become an aggressive breed if not raised and trained right.

What breed works for one family may not be the one for your family. I know if they would try to ban Chihuahua's because they are know ankle biters. I would try my best to help make the public aware of the good qualities my pet posses. I would get them out in the public eye as much as possible, around as many people as I could. I would try and stop the ignorance.

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