Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Naughty Or Nice List Blogmas 2016

Get an instant report from Santa Clause what he has written in his naughty nice list. All you need to do is put your name in and push ask Santa to get the Nice-o-Meter working.

This is what Santa says about me - Just when Santa was about to give a naughty rating, this one came in with a good deed. Great work! Back to the nice list. But watch out for interrupting when others are talking, and burping without an excuse me. Even when I think noone is listening. Remember Santa hears all.

10 Ways To Make The Nice List 

1. Baking Christmas cookies
2. Making a Gingerbread house
3. Leaving a plate of cookies and eggnog out for Santa
4. Helping to put up the Christmas tree
5. Helping to put Christmas decorations
6. Wearing that ugly Christmas sweater your Aunt Helga gave you last year
7. Choosing a child or family from the angel tree to bring gifts to
8. Helping pass out Christmas dinner at the local food bank or shelter
9. Leave a present or homemade treats on your neighbors porch. Knock and disappear before they can answer the door.
10. Go Christmas caroling

10 Ways To Make The Naughty List

1. Knock down the neighborhood snowmen.
2. Not believing in Santa
3. Tearing down neighbors Christmas lights
4. Picking on siblings
5. Not doing chores
6. Throwing snowballs when no snowball fight is going on
7. Trolling the Christmas forums
8. Not shoveling the sidewalk or drivway
9. Not putting ice melt down and someone slipped
10. Not wiping your feet after coming in from the snow or rain.

Can you think of anything else to add to the nice or naughty lists?

Photo from Pixabay.com, a free use photo sharing website.


  1. Eating the chocolates of the tree and shaping the foil to look like they are still there!


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