Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Christmas Generators – Do You Use Them?

I like to use to generators that have been created all over the internet to help enhance my articles and blog posts. The generators can also be fun just to play around with. In order to find them all you have to do is put different words in your search browser. Such as : Christmas generators. I tend to use Google for this. As Google seems to be able to find more websites.

Here are some of the websites I came across for Christmas generators :

1. Christmas Elf Name Generator
It is easy to use. You add your name and your sex to determine what your Christmas Elf name will be. The names can be written on name tags and used at Christmas parties held at the office, work or home. I turn out to be Gingerbread Iciclecrackers.

2. Christmas Text Logo generator
To use this. You click on the letter you see with the print that you want. Another window opens with more options. To create your image. you can choose to visualize it. Or automatic download. I always visualize it before downloading. As I hate downloading something. Then realizing I don’t like only to delete it.

3. Draw Names for Gift Exchange
This website is a good for helping those families who draw names to buy presents for during holidays or other celebrations. Many families do this. Compared to buying a present for all your extended families that have large families. A gift exchange is less expensive. How the website works, you need to place the list of the names in the square box. Proceed by clicking 'Then click here to generate your name list'. Scroll down and you will see your list of names. You set it up to where spouses don't pick each other, or siblings don't get each other too.

4. Christmas Elf Generator
In this generator, all you have to do is choose male, female or neutral for the generator to choose 10 random elf names. This is great if you want to create a Christmas story, poem or give out elf names to friends at a party. Don’t like the names choose. Click again. The names will change.

5. Funny Christmas Newspaper Generator
This one will cost you a little something if you choose to use it. It can be a Christmas gift for a loved one to hang on their wall. Scroll below, add you first and last name, the city you live in and the state. Add a photo. You can customize the text or use what is already suggested. Click preview my newspaper. Buy if you like what you see.

Do you use Christmas generators?


  1. Hmm! I have not heard of these Christmas generators. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Wow, these are cool! I've never used any but think I'll play around with them, especially the text one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I didn't know what a generator was either....they are fun.
    I was going to try the name drawing one but it appears you can't just put in names, you have to put in email addresses with them.
    I was going to put in the kids' names for the exchange and let the computer pick the matches.

    1. Hmm, I will find another one. As I thought this was what it does. I might of put the wrong link in.

    2. I changed it to a different link that is more helpful. Thank you for letting me Iput the wrong link in.


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