Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Dog Treat Review

One thing I do is keep my dogs in plenty of treats and toys. I like to get new treats and try them out on my dogs. On the picnic table is several kinds of treats : Biscuits and what looks like a mini piece of bacon. It is really a treat to look like bacon. 

Recently, my dogs were able to try another dog treat that is new to them. I was able to order the treat off Amazon.com. The product is Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack - Two Sizes Available - Premium Free Range Chews. Made in the USA by WyldLife.

The treats were wrapped in a clear bag individually. before being added to a packaged bag with the logo and information on it. I like the fact these treats are made in the USA where I live. 

My dogs have no issue sitting down or doing a  trick to earn their treats. this pet momma always has the dogs do different command before receiving their treats. 

The commands given before my dogs can receive a treat is an on going process of training I have with my dogs. I am confident my dogs will not leave my side. unless I tell them to with the treat training. 

Do you use treats to train your pets to do what you want them to do? Do you reward your pets for good behavior with treats?


Please excuse some of the spotty photos. Both my camera and smartphone had an accident with a big pot of grease. Please, don't ask! They are both still draining the grease little by little. I was lucky to be able to save them both.

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