Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Town Is Banning Halloween

On the list of October Challenges to write about today is "The mayor of your town wants to ban Halloween. Write  a letter to the mayor telling why you agree or disagree with him." I think this is a good writing challenge. During the last election, trick or treating day was changed due to a politician wanting to visit the area I lived in. It does make one wonder if this helped get Obama elected for a second time.

A couple people got together in my area to create a parody video about the moving of the trick or treat date. This video was created all in good to lighten up the issue. As It did upset many people when the traditional trick or treat date was changed. Would you be upset if the traditional trick or treat date in your area was changed due to a politician wanting to visit? 

Here is my part of the writing challenge :

Dear Mayor, 
Four years ago you changed which day we held trick or treating on. Due to a politician visiting the area. You upset many people by changing the long held tradition of holding trick or treat the last thursday before Halloween. 

Somehow you were elected again. Now you want to ban Halloween all together. What is wrong with you? 

Really because you're scared of clowns? I know more clown sighting have been reported all over town and in the country. Banning clowns didn't work, as you soon found out you can't discriminate or throw clowns in jail for walking out of the woods or standing on a street corner. 

I find that is a silly reason to ban Halloween. Maybe those clowns live in the woods. Or seeking out new land to build a house. Don't they have a right to live where they want? 

Or is this another sad political tactic to get the people of the town to vote for who you want to be President? 
Is the clown reference to Trump?  As the democratic party has called him a clown numerous times. Either way you have some explaining to do to the town's people. As we do not need another trick or treat scandal in Defiance.

Being scared of clown's or making a political statement is no reason to ban Halloween.

Sandy KS

I have challenged myself to write every day something that is related to Halloween. As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. I also decided to join the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" I created a post called "October 2016 Writing Challenges", it is where I am getting my ideas to write the entire month.

Photo from Pixabay. 

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