Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nov. 11th - Things I thankful for

I am continuing with writing a post about what i am thankful each day through out the month of November. As this is the month my country, the USA celebrates Thanksgiving.
Today I am thankful for the deer meat a friend gave my family. As I am making chili with deer meat for dinner in the crockpot.
I am thankful God has created animals meant for humans to hunt and are able to eat. I am a meat eater. Most times I eat birds. Rarely do I eat cow or pig.
I am thankful dinner last night was awesome at the Chinese place at the food court in the mall. It was a joint decision. My daughter behaved yesterday. There was no arguments at all between any of us. I am thankful my daughter was listening.
I am thankful my boyfriend was able to get another running vehicle. It looks pretty good. I know he will use it on his business trips. Otherwise it will be mine to drive. Now to start making all those much needed doctors and therapy appointments again. My daughter really needs new glasses. Hers are being held by tape. At least the tape is colorful and has different designs.
I know my family and I are blessed. What are you thankful for today? Photo found on during a search for the word "thankful". 

+Deer meat
+My boyfriend
+Another vehicle

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