Saturday, October 15, 2016

A New Pay To Write Website - Niume

I recently started writing on a website called Niume. Where you get paid to write. You earn from the views you receive. The more views you get, the faster you can earn. You also can earn by referring new members to join. If you wish to join Niume, would you please join under me. The link to join is  :

Niume has several different spheres to list your posts under spheres is the same thing as categories on other websites.

20 Spheres to Choose From :
1. Animals
2. Architect & Design
3. Art
4. Business & Finance
5. Culture
6. fashion
7. Food
8. Games
9. Humor
10. Interesting
(A place to put post that can be fit in to a sphere)
11. Lifestyle
12. Literature
13. Movies & Series
14. Music
15. News
16. Photography
17. Science
18. Sport
19. Technology
20. Travel
When you first join, you get to choose under to five spheres to join. after joining, to join other spheres all you need to do is subscribe to the sphere.

Requirements & Guidelines

The website requires the minimum of five lines per post many members write more than that. It is also required to have a photo or video in each post. You can use your own photos or those from a free photo sharing website. Such as If you do use a photo, make sure you site the source at the bottom of each of your posts. You can learn more about the FAQ by visiting this link : 

I have written a few posts that have gone viral. Others that haven't got many views. You never know which posts will go viral. Or which ones will be left aching for more views. My suggestion is to follow the rules and share your posts on all your social media outlets.  

3 Posts I have Written On Niume

1. Roof Fixed With A Pool Noodle

2. Praying Mantis

3. Homemade Flour Tortilla's

You can join different Facebook groups to share your posts in. make sure you read the rules of each Facebook group before submitting your first post. Such as :

2. Niume Writing Community

Make sure to tell them Sandy KS sent you.

Photo from Pixabay a free photo sharing website.

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  1. I wanted to add I have been paid by Niume via Paypal with no issues. If you have any questions, please ask.


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