Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 Writing Challenges

I am going to compile a list of different ideas or themes to write about in the month of October. I am doing this to help out those who need help in coming up with different ideas to write about. You may use as many or as little of the ideas and writing themes as you would like. 

October 2016 Writing Challenges
1. What does October mean for you?
2. What is the weather like in your area? (I ask because it is calling for snow in a couple days in my area already.)
3. Write about October festivals and fairs
4. Write about the scariest movie you ever seen.
5. Write about Halloween animals & insect
6. Write about a prank you want to play on someone or has played on you.
7. What did you dress up for Halloween in past Halloweens?
8. Talk about decorating for Halloween
9. Do you paint or carve pumpkins?
10. If you could create your very own monster, what would it look like? What would it be called?  Describe and tell me everything there is to know about your monster.
11. Talk about a haunted house
12. Write about food and drink ideas for a Halloween party or feast.
13. What's your favorite Halloween treat?
14. Write a spooky story to tell around a campfire. 
15. You heard a noise in your home, everyone is asleep, what was that noise?
16. The mayor of your town wants to ban Halloween. Write  a letter to the mayor telling why you agree or disagree with him.
17. Share a Halloween poem
18. Share safety rules for Halloween. Whether it be trick or treating or eating candy.
19. What Halloween songs come to mind.
20. What is  something that use to scare you but no longer does?
21. Give a vampire an interview
22. How much money would you take for spending the night in a graveyard? Why or why not?
23. Tell a story on the side of view of a Jack O lantern or scarecrow. What do you think they are thinking on Halloween?
24. Share a story of a Halloween creature who goes trick or treating like kids. Does the creature get found out?
25. Create a recipe for a magic potion. What is the potion for? How does it work?
26. Finish the sentence..............The ghost was chasing me...........
27. Pumpkin patch. Write about choosing a pumpkin.
28. What is it like to ride on a witches broom?
29. What is Halloween? How did it get started? is it the same as not, if not how has it changed?
30. Write about Hallow's Eve or all Saints Eve.
31. Talk about how you celebrated in the past compared to what you do now.

I hope you enjoy this month's list of Halloween related writing challenges.

Photo from Pixabay a free use photo website.

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