Wednesday, October 5, 2016

8 Animals Associated With Halloween

Today, is the fifth day of the writing challenge. I am writing about the animals associated with Halloween. How many animals and insects do you associate with Halloween?

Black Cats
During the Halloween season cat owners are advised to keep their cats inside. Most animal shelters put a stop to selling black cats because of the overwhelming intertwining of black cat's in the occult or witches. Cat's cries have been mistaken for a baby's cry. A human would hear a baby cry, go look for the baby to find a black cat in its place.

Bats are known as a Halloween animal thanks to horror movies like Dracula. Where blood drinking vampires turn into bats to fly. There are some bats that drink blood. However, they rather feast on mammals. A colony of 100 of these bats will take a year to drink the blood of twenty five cows.

Spiders are known to scare most people. Which make them perfect to scare people for Halloween. Having eight legs and many eyes, they are a strange creature creepy looking creature to look at. Spiders are known to hang out in old or abandoned houses. Which makes them perfect to decorate a Haunted House.

Owls are another animal linked to witches. In Grimm's fairy tale foretells of a witch turning in to a owl. Like bats, owls come out at night to eat the bugs and rodents.  It still is scary walking through an area of woods at night. When you can hear a owl but have no clue what it is or where it is hiding. It's cries have been mistaken for human.

Raven or Crows

Crows or Ravens have been associated with Halloween. As they are known to be pets of witches. When one is seen is a sign of a bad omen. "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe didn't help the Raven or Crows image at all. If anything, it made people fear them even more.

Frogs and Toads

Both are associated with witches spells. Which makes them an animal associated with Halloween. There are several fairy tales about Prince's being turned into a toad or frog by a witch because of their arrogance and bad attitudes. While toads are thought to pass on their warts through touch or a creepy toad peeing on you. 

Wolves are known to be smart and cunning. Plus, howl at the moon at night. Wolves have been linked with the devil. As it can be a werewolf that can transform from human form to wolf form.

Snakes are another animal known to be associated with the Devil. As a snake is portrayed as the devil in the Christian bible to trick Adam and Eve.

People fear snakes because they are to be slimy and crawl around on their stomachs with no arms or legs like other creatures. There are some type of snakes that can grow large enough to swallow a person to eat.

What animals do you associated with Halloween?

I have challenged myself to write every day something that is related to Halloween. As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. I also decided to join the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" I created a post called "October 2016 Writing Challenges", it is where I am getting my ideas to write the entire month.
Photo from Pixabay, a free use photo sharing website.

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