Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Is The Time For Scary Pranks

Today is the sixth day in the writing challenge. I am writing every day this month something that pertains to Halloween. I choose to write about Halloween pranks.

Have you pulled a Halloween prank on someone? 

My sister and some friends pulled a prank a girl we went to school with for Halloween. She got herself in to some trouble. It was bad trouble. She knew she was going to receive jail if not prison time for it. She had not been in trouble with the law before this happened. 

We knew a guy who was on suspension from the police department. As there was a pending investigation. We had that guy dress up in his uniform and go to the friends house the girl was at. My sister and I hid behind the bushes to watch what was happening.

The cop walked up and knocked on the friends door. The cop looked at some papers and asked if the girl (asked by name) was at the resident. The girl was the one who answered the door. The look on her face was something I will never forget. The girl put her hands out to be handcuffed and said," Let's go."

My sister and I couldn't contain our laughter anymore to ourselves. The girl realize we were playing a prank on her. If you knew the girl and situation, you would of been laughing too. The girl was freaking out so bad. She never noticed there wasn't a cop car in the driveway.

I Was Pranked By My Boyfriend

I use to listen to music turned up all the time. I no longer do that. As my boyfriend stopped over one day before he moved in. He knocked on the door but I didn't answer. He walked in and stood by my ear and said hello, boo or something. I don't really remember what he said. I didn't see him come in. I freaked out. He scared the crap out of me. I literally picked up my keyboard and start swinging. It met his ball cap when I realized it was my boyfriend standing next to me.

My boyfriend was able to scare me in four  ways

1. The loud music allowing him to move close to me with no noticed.
2. I was busy writing on the computer. My attention was on the computer. Not my surroundings.
3. My boyfriend came up on my blind side. I am legally blind in my left eye. I never seen him coming.
4. I am partially deaf in both ears. I didn't stand a chance of hearing him open the door.

Have you pranked or been pranked by someone?

I have challenged myself to write every day something that is related to Halloween. As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. I also decided to join the "Ultimate Blog Challenge" I created a post called "October 2016 Writing Challenges", it is where I am getting my ideas to write the entire month.
Photo from Pixabay, a free use photo sharing website.

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