Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Saving Money Buying Clothes

I love saving money when buying clothes. How about you? Yesterday, My teenage daughter and I went shopping for some clothes. We are both needing shorts.

 My daughter for being a  growing teenager. Myself, for some reason a bunch of my shorts have come up missing. I am not sure if it is past room mates. Or accidentally placing them in the donating pile of clothes.

I started my look for discounted clothing at the local thrift stores. I was able to find a couple pair of shorts for my daughter and myself at Good Will.

During my search for discounted clothing, I was able to find two shirts for myself and four for my daughter. 

My daughter found a purse she liked for $5.00. I bought it. It looks brand new. No rips or tares. 

While daughter found a purse for herself. She also found a leather one she knew I would love. She was right. I bought it for $5.00. It is an extra large size. Which will be good to store extra things in for a trip.

Update : Sad to say the inside liner by a pocket ripped out during vacation. I am glad I did not spend no more than $5.00 for this purse. I will still use this purse. Only as an extra carry on bag for a few pieces of clothes,

My daughter wants to give this cup to her grandfather for his upcoming birthday. I bought it for her.

I ended up spending around $40.00 for :

6 shirts
5 pairs of shorts
2 purses
1 grandfather's mug

I would not be able to find that price in any store.

Places I go to save money while buying clothes :

1. Thrifts stores
2. Garage and yard sales
3. Sales
4. Coupons
5. Bargin sales
6. Clothes being sold in Facebook groups
7. Clothes being sold on Craigslist.
8. Given away for free after a garage sale
9. Free clothes from family
10. Trading in a clothes swap
11. Clothes posted in the freebie section of the newspaper
12. Buy clothes out of season - They are marked down at great discount
13. Bogo sales

How do you save money by buying clothes? What was the last thing you saved money on?


All photos were taken by and © belong to Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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