Saturday, June 11, 2016

Making Memories At The Beach

I am writing about my favorite summer memory. It is a toss up between two of my favorite summer memories. Both were at different beaches. The beaches was Fort Myers and Galveston beaches. I really enjoy making memories at different beaches.

The very first beach trip my teenagers, my boyfriend and I made together was to Fort Myers beach. As we traveled to Florida from Ohio to celebrate my oldest sons birthday, which is June 10th. 

It was the first trip we made as a family. It was the first time my boyfriend visited a beach or swam in the ocean. We had many firsts on that particular trip. We all took turns walking the beach the collecting different shells. We were able to find a couple of shells with crabs. 

I made sure to take him tot he best burger join on the beach called ''Pete's Time Out". The burgers are huge. The portion of a small fry is big enough for two or three people to share.

The other beach trip that is one of my favorite was in Galveston. My boyfriend and I traveled with a few friends. It was the first trip I had ever made without any of my children in tow.

We made it to the beach at night. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I looked up at the moon while walking in the ocean. I could feel the ocean pull. As if it was calling me to come in. 

One of my favorite photos that I have one disk was taken on the beach at night with my boyfriend and I. I want to get it blown up and frame it. Top hang in on my wall.

There was a carnival on the pier that we went too. It was lite up. To where you could see it from a far. While riding the roller coaster, at one point it looks like you will fall in to the water below.  I screamed Bloody Mary. As I grabbed tight to my boyfriend hand. It was magical.

What is your favorite summer memory?

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