Friday, June 10, 2016

A Letter From Outer Space

To My Dearest Daughter,

I am here in outer space. I finally made it. Yeah! Remember when you were really little, we would lay in the grass on our backs and talk about our dreams. Both of our dream was to travel in outer space. To travel past the horizon and see if their were lands beyond the moon. Your brothers would laugh to tell us there is no such place. They would tease you telling you to get your heads out of the clouds and stars.

Well, my dearest daughter, you can laugh right back at your brothers. I have so many photos I have taken. I must show you them. There are many worlds out there beyond our own.

Let me tell you of my journey so far :
I sat in my outer space get up, nervous of what I will see. I sat there second guessing myself if I had made the right choice or not. Thinking how could I possible pass up this great opportunity. I looked over at the people going with me. 

I wondered what they were leaving behind. Over the pass couple of weeks I have learned many things about them. Jon left because he committed a crime. He went in front of the judge. Who gave him the choice to go to outer space to experience new things or keep making the same mistakes and go to jail. He decided to try outer space.

Janie was in an abusive relationship. She decided to come to outer space to get away from it. As she couldn't seem to break his grasp. I think she finally took the step in doing what is right for herself.

Olivia is a dreamer and wanted an adventure. She loves it so much she never wants to touch earth's soil again.

I will tell you about the others in another letter. I remember sitting in my seat at take off. Watching as the blue sky disappeared and turned black. The earth getting smaller and smaller. I started to notice bright lights appearing all around us. It was the stars. Up here in space they shine just like street lights. However, they never go out. They always shine. Til they die. That is when they fall out of space. They make room leaving behind a baby star. That grows to be as big and bright as the one before it. How cool is that?

We seemed to float through space for several days before stopping. I originally thought it was a space station. Well, that is what it is called on earth. Up here, it is a place where space travelers go to refresh, relax, eat, fuel up as they are on their way. 

This is out first stop. Where I am writing this letter. When I first signed up for six months. I thought it would be boring. That can be nothing but further from the truth. At the space station alone I have met amazing creatures and experienced new things.  

Depending on where we go to next and what I experience, will depend if my six months will be extended or not.

Remember one thing my dear. One day we will met again. I miss you. I can't wait til I see you again. Let your brothers and the others know I miss them to. Til next time. I hope this letter reaches you in good spirits.


The letter arrived two months later.


Write about traveling to outer space, what is it like, how long til you return.

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