Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saving Money While Shopping

I love to save money while I go shopping. Going to Aldi's is no different. One thing I like doing is bring my own bags. That way I don't have to buy bags to take my stuff home or run around looking for cardboard boxes that aren't ripped or broken down. Hoping they aren't out. ( I have ran into that problem. It wasn't fun.) I have these canvas I can't believe it is butter bags for over 10 years. Add that savings up.

Another way I saved significant money this shopping trip was buying Jumex "Mango Nectar". I saved $1.10 per can. How did I save so much?

This same product cost me $1.59 for each can at a convenience store called Stripes while vacationing in Texas. This same can at Aldi's only cost me 49 cents per can. I bought eight cans. That equals out to $8.80 savings.

I buy thin steaks for $5.00 or less. Sometimes I will pay a little more. Not to often if I can help it. Making several meals out of them to save money. 

1. I use thin steaks to slice up and add to omelets for breakfast. That is my version of steak and eggs on a budget. 

2. I place thin steak in the crockpot add mushroom soup. When done I add it over a plate of rice or noodles.

3. If any sliced steak is left over for breakfast, I use that same steak and add fajita mix, onions, and bell peppers served on a soft tortilla shell to make fajitas.

4. Another way to use leftover sliced up steak is to cube it. Than turn it in to a big pot of chili. Cubing it will make the steak go further by seeming like there is more.

5. Sliced steak can be grilled or fried up and added to bread to make a sandwich. You can a variety of topping depending on your taste. To make a different sandwich every day.

I normally get two to three meals per $5.00 package of thinly sliced steaks.

What ways do you save money?
What was the last thing you saved money on?


  1. Replies
    1. So, do I. I go to Aldi's before going to any other store. Next is Walmart or Krogers.

  2. I am the same way! I love Aldi`s and I shop there several times a month for the produce on sale. I have not ever bought meat there but I will do so now.

    1. I love buying meat there. I have never had an issue with it. It has always been fresh and delicious. I just picked up a bag of medium size shrimp for less than $5.oo for my daughter (She loves shrimp). I plan on placing them in the crockpot covered in Italian dressing for an appetizer.

  3. some place around here if you bring in your bag will give you so much off per bag. Not much like five to twenty five cent. I heard a few places will give you like a 1 to 3 parentage off of your purchases.
    Coffee is on

    1. I would love to find a store in my area that will give a discount for bringing in your own bags.

  4. I'm so excited, we're getting an Aldi's near us! I have heard so much about them I can't wait! My biggest thing I like to save on is meat. I run to the meat department first thing to check the markdowns and get some great sales that can go a long way .

  5. I do the club thing, there isn't an Aldi's c;ose to me.

  6. I use to do the Sam's Club when I lived in Florida. Now the closest one is over an hour away. I used to find good deal at Sam's Club in bulk.


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