Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Refuse To Drink The Water

I still haven't made it to the grocery store yet. Yet my family still gets hungry. Yesterday I did not feel good at all enough to cook. My boyfriend, daughter and I ended up going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. As it is right down the street. It was a half hour before the establishment closed. 

My daughter ordered one of those KFC bowls without corn. One days loves an ingredient. The next day she acts like she will die if she taste it. She is also on a kick of not eating any bread. Unless it is pizza or a sub. My boyfriend ordered  a sandwich and mashed potatoes. I ordered the popcorn chicken. Plus, a sweet tea. 

The cashier informed me the sweet tea would be watered down as late as it was. She asked if I wanted something else. I politely told her no. Only the popcorn chicken. She suggest water. I again politely refused. She said she understood. As she had ordered water at a local restaurant the other day and it tasted like dirt.

There were two reasons why I declined to order anything to drink.

1. Only other option was drinking soda. Which I have got away from drinking. 

2. Only water served would be from the tap. There has been a warning issued of algae bloom in our local river. pregnant women, older people, young children, babies, or those with health problems have been told not to go in the river. However the water is drinkable. The cities water source is from the river.

There was no way I was drinking the water or soda. 
The cashier must of thought I was upset because she apologized and told me she only wanted to be honest with me. As she offered me water again. I told her I understood and I appreciated her honesty as I politely declined again. 

She must of thought I was going to complain. As she offered to give us a 10 % discount. I didn't think nothing of it. Til later as I was sitting at home looking over the receipt. I started laughing. As the cashier had given be a 10% senior discount. 

I am almost 45 years old. No where close to deserving that discount. I know I have been letting my natural color in my hair show through. Which consists of black, grey and white. Plus, I don't have a full set of teeth but come on. People have been guessing me younger than I really am. Now it makes me wonder. As I sure do not want to look older than I am. 

I think it is time for me to dye my hair again. I was going to try platinum silver. Now I wonder if it will make look older. Instead of going for a more natural color for my hair colors to blend together. Where I don't have to dye my hair every two weeks. Sigh, what a dilemma!

Have you ever had something happen to you that you later started laughing about?

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