Monday, June 6, 2016

What Do You Like On Your Subs?

Yesterday, I over did it by clearing out the shed in the backyard. My oldest son came out and started helping. He grabbed the boxes and containers out of the shed for me to go through. What I did not want to keep, I placed in a pile for my teen son and daughter to put out by the trash cans. 

As once a month in my area, is big pick up. Or some call bulk pick up. Where you can place the bigger items you can't put out for regular trash once a month. Regular trash calls for 4 trash bags, recycling and boxes that have been broke down. Anything other than that, you must wait to big / bulk pickup day. Unless you haul it to the dump yourself.

I like to go to storage auctions. What I don't keep or sell. I tend to take to a thrift shop, give away, or it gets placed in big / bulk pick up. In my neighborhood we have Junkers. Junkers are the people willing to go from trash pile to trash pile picking up useable items to sell. Or metals to cash in for money. 

I over did it with all the moving, hauling, sweeping and sorting I was doing yesterday. By time I sat down. My boyfriend and oldest son started to burn the tree limbs of the tree that was growing through the fence. All of a sudden I was left out back by myself while they bolted.

My boyfriend got called out to help a friend. My son decided he wanted to watch the basketball on cable. Since, he currently doesn't have cable. I stayed out there as long as I could till the fire was getting low. My daughter went out back to the embers were red but fire was no longer burning.

All this work caused me to over do it. My arthritis and GERD is kicking in big time. I wasn't able to lay down til it started getting light. I decided today I was not going to cook at ll. For dinner, I ordered subs from Marco's. My boyfriend and daughter ordered the steak and cheese sub. 

Mine was a little different. I ordered a pizza sub on wheat bread. With pepperoni, pineapple, spinach, green olives and feta cheese. What made it different. I ordered it without sauce. As I am allergic to tomatoes. I decided not to add mushrooms. As this place uses mushrooms from a can. Not fresh ones. To me they taste awful and rubbery on a sub or pizza.

What do you like on your subs?

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