Friday, September 9, 2016

Let Your Creative Writing Out

I have decided to write this blog. As I want a place to display all my creative writing. From poems, photography, quotography, prompts, challenges, and more. This blog has got away from that idea. I am going to bring it back around with my creativity.
This blog will explain different ways to bring your creative in the light. Everybody has a creative side. 
It can be creating arts and crafts, knitting and crocheting. Needlework, cooking, baking a creative theme cake. Writing a book, short story or poem.
Creativity is coming up with an idea or following an idea and making it a reality in some form. Creativity can come in the form of a joke, doing a project and changing a few things. To skipping rocks across a pond to see the water ripple. Creativity comes in many forms. It can be anything.
First thing you need to do to get your creativity flowing is to start a journal or notebook. This is where you write down all the ideas of things you want to create. Open it to the first page. Write down what you plan to create at the top. In mine, I jot down writing ideas. Next you need to figure out if you are going number each idea. Or use a different sign to be able to tell where the next one starts and first one ends. I use a dash. As I use the sides to jot down short or two word ideas. When I use an idea. I mark it off with a highlighter. That way I know I have done it. While still being able to read it.
Every time I get an idea, I write it down. I can read a magazine, watch a movie or watch the news for an idea to write down. Some subjects are from experience, some are try and fails, others are of things I want to do. I choose what I think it would make a great story. That someone desires to read, my feelings in form of of a poem, or a short themed story.
Use your passions to bring out the creativity in you. Put your passions, thoughts, and experience together. Start your creativity flowing. Your creative side can't come out unless you try.

Photo from, a free use photo website.


  1. Great Idea. I think I need to follow your lead.

  2. Our mind has an innate drive to create. With a little imagination we can create something astounding every time. of course, a little practice goes a long way.

    1. Yes, practice does help take our creativity to the next level.

  3. I just recently got a 5 subject notebook. I used to carry one with me EVERYWHERE. I called it my "Writers Notebook" and they always filled up with something.

    I've been trying to hard to be "good enough." lately. I need to just be creative and let the rest work for itself.

    1. Some how with all the major spring cleaning. I lost the notebook I use. It was empty yet. I think my boyfriend threw it out as he seen no need for it. Joke was on him. he had to call the landlord to get the address. As it was in there.

  4. Great ideas Sandy. Lately, I have not felt creative. I have not been writing much.


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