Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Son Got Caught Stealing

I have got  a late start in writing anything today. Or getting anything done on the internet. As this morning was spent at the juvenile courthouse and probation office. As my son had court for stealing at a local grocery store. he has never been in trouble like this before. His older brother has. Maybe he is a bad influence. I am not sure where this is coming from.

I am very angry that my teen son stole something. I can't believe he did it. I am coming to grips that my teen son isn't the person I thought he was. I have always trusted whatever he said. That trust is broken. He must earn it to get it back.

He normally is a good kid. I believe he made a stupid stupid mistake. I don't think he should be branded as a thief. As he only did it once. Only time will tell if he can truly fix his mistake and earn trust back. That choice is up to him.

My son is normally a laid back AB student who loves playing sports. Takes honors classes because he wants to a lawyer / prosecutor when he grows up. I really never thought my teen son would be the child to be arrested and charged with stealing. His older brother yes. His younger sister, maybe. But not him. Never him.

I asked him why he did it. I received short responses that never really answered my question. I went on to tell him. If he waited a week he would of made $20 in allowance. Plus, his birthday is coming up in Oct. I would of bought him what he took. If he would of asked for them. I made him think. I think he felt bad. As he started crying. He knew he left me down. I went on to ask him when times were tough, did he ever see me steal something I wanted or needed? He said no. I asked him again why he did it. No answer.

Well, today was court. My teen son decided to opt of a trail and pleaded guilty to get it done and over with.

His sentence :
1. 30 days jail suspended
2. Probation til June
3. 40 hours of community service.
4. Write an apology letter to the place he got caught stealing
5. Curfew at 6 pm.
6. Random drug tests (he got one today and was clean).
7. Random home visits. Where the probation officer has the right to check every room in our own. Even mine.
8. Pay $75 court cost.
9. Not allowed in the place of business he stole from.

These are my requirements :
1. Grounded him to his room.
2. No phone or electronics.
3. No going anywhere without permission.
4. Must do extra chores to pay off the court costs.
5. No going to Cedar Point for his birthday next month.
6. No birthday party.

I can't remember if there was anything more. Everything was explained at the probation office. My head is twirling and I feel like I am going to puke. I did this whole song and dance with my oldest son while living in Florida. Three years in a row before I moved to Ohio. I don't want to it again. I really don't. Since, I have my teen son. I have no choice but to deal with his mess up. I don't want to believe my teen will do it again. To have him do something stupid and get arrested as soon as he gets off papers like his older brother did. The trust is gone. His choices will determine if he deserves my trust again.

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