Friday, August 28, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge Y : Youth, young, yearn, yellow, yell

This week's letter for the "ABC Emotions Challenge" is the letter "Y". I can't believe how far I have come. I have almost completed this series. Next Friday will be completed. The letter "Y" is the 25th letter of the English language.

I don't have to many words to work with today to complete my challenge. So, I will use : youth, young, yearn, yellow and yell.

I look in the mirror and notice the wrinkles starting to form. My hair needing to be dyed again to hide my true age. It is getting harder to trap my youth. As my true age is wanting to show out more and more. I can not stop time. No matter hwo much I try.

I yearn for the days of my youth. When I was young and free flowing. Didn't seem to have any cares in the world. I can't keep up with my young and beautiful daughter. She is to fast for me. I remember when she was little and would yell,"Wait up." Now it is my turn to ask her to wait. As we climb the stairs. As we seek out to see who she has for teachers in her first year of highschool.


Do I like getting older, nope not for one bit. How when I was young did I wish I was of age to go out and experience the world. Now I wonder what I can still do. As I sit and watch the world go by. I dream of my youth, yesteryear, and what used to be.

Luckily I can enjoy the beauty of a yellow sunflowers that are growing out back in my weed garden. They were planted a few years back. Each year seeds from the year before drop and continue to grow. Once a bountiful garden. Now sits as old and disabled as me. My children didn't take up gardening as I did. No help from them. Maybe next year I get hire someone to come out and help me re-generate my backyard to a more youthful state by bringing beauty back to my yard.


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