Friday, September 4, 2015

ABC Emotions Challenge Z : Zombies, Zippy

Today is the very last post in the ABC Emotions Challenge 52 week series. It has been a long road, that I am very grateful you have decided to share with me. I recommend for everyone to start the ABC Emotions Challenge and follow through. If you haven't already. I know some letters are harder to complete than others. However, it can be done. Doing this challenge has helped me to face some emotions I was holding in. Now they are no longer destroying me or my relationships. It feels so good to know how far I have come addressing my emotions. To finish the last leg in the series, I am going to write about the letter 'Z". Many people think the letter "Z" is hard to do, as there isn't many words to choose from. However, I find the letter "Z" rather easy to complete.

Halloween is coming soon

With Halloween coming up fast. I thought of writing about zombies. My friends and family knows Halloween holds a special place in my heart. As Halloween is the day my boyfriend and I got together. This year will be '4 fabulous years'.

Halloween Surprise

©rusty2rusty Moose the Chug

Halloween is also the day my Chug named Moose was born. What's a Chug you ask? A Chug is a designer dog which is a Pug and Chihuahua mix. Moose was a delight and a surprise. As I had rescued his mom from a pet flipper. With in a couple of weeks. Moose and his siblings were born behind my couch. Moose is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. 

Zippy Zombies

Another thing I love about Halloween are all the Zombie movies and tv shows that comes out. Some are gory, some are funny, some scare me. One of my favorites is the tv show found on AMC is "The Walking Dead. It comes back on October 8th. I can't wait to the next season starts. Last Sunday, a spin off of The Walking dead started called The Fear of the Walking Dead. It is suppose to basically explain how the zombie apocalypse began and spread. When I watch zombie movies, I get zippy. I turn all the lights off to make the scare more real. I am ready for action. Just in case one day a zombie pops through my tv screen.I prepare myself to be zippy. I have to be alert, bouncy, quick, and energetic. That is what zippy means. How else am I going to get away from the zombies?

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