Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spotted Donkey

One of the animals my family was able to see at the Columbus Zoo was the "Spotted Donkeys". They were kept in the petting part of the zoo.

Did you know a male donkey breeding with a female horse produces a "mule"? I did not til I did a little research. A male horse breeding with a female donkey produces a "Hinny". Either a mule or a Hinny is born sterile and unable to reproduce.

The "Spotted Donkeys" are a new arrival at the Columbus Zoo this year.I can see why. They are beautiful, small in size and easily approachable. The Spotted Donkeys had no problems coming up to the fence to be petted. When they were ready for attention from humans.

For a donkey to be considered to be a "Spotted Donkey". It has to have spots located above the knees or hocks and the neck below the throat latch. To produce a "Spotted Donkey", all you need is one parent to be a "Spotted Donkey". As a the gene is partial dominate in "Spotted Donkeys."

Donkeys were first brought to North America by Christopher Columbus back in the 15th century. Managed to arrive in Mexico in the 16th century, where the donkeys spread upwards and north throughout the United States.

It takes a donkey  to 12 - 14 months to carry its babies til they are born. Twins are possibly. Normally a donkey only produces one offspring at a time. A female donkey can breed at the age 3 -4 years old. Where a male can start reproducing at 1 1/2 - 2 years old. Foals are weaned between the months of 4 - 6.

Have you seen or petted a "Spotted Donkey" Before?

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