Friday, February 3, 2017

This Is What Happens When You Feed Birds

Rascal barks "Hey! Mom did you feed the birds again? You got to come look at the mess they made."

"Mess, what mess. The bird feeder looks full. I see the squirrels has taken the squash seeds I left out." replies Mom.

"Look, Mom how dare they left a mess like this on the ground for you to clean up. Next time I come outside I will get them for you."

Mom exclaims," Oh my what a mess indeed! You do know the squirrels are behind this. They take the big seeds and scatter the rest."

"Mom let's go inside before they get your toes next time. I think you need to stop feeding those pesky birds, squirrels or whatever you call those flying furry things."

I walked outside to fill the bird feeder. It was empty today. I have a squirrel who lives in the tree who will come down and take all the seeds out of the bird feeder. As the wire on the birdhouse broke away to where I can longer hang it up.I had to place the bird feeder on top of the pallets. That way the dogs wouldn't get the birds. 

The squirrel was smart enough to realize where I moved the bird feeder to a new area. The squirrel figured out how to take the lid off the bird feeder and dive right in. I placed a lid where I put seeds for the squirrel. The squirrel no longer toss the seeds all over the place. If I forget to give the squirrel some seeds of its own or a cob of corn. It will throw seeds all the place to let me know I forgot to give them their food too.

I think it is time, I get a new bird feeder I can hang up and no worry about all this mess. Possibly get the squirrels one of their very own.

How would you handle this mess? Would you stop feeding the birds? How would you satisfy the birds and squirrel?

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  1. What a cute beginning with Rascal "talking" to you. That would be a cute kids book!

    1. Thank you!! I have thought about writing children's books before. I never knew where to start.

  2. I don't have a bird feeder. I plant plenty of trees and shrubs that provide seeds and berries for them. But we also have nice weather all year round. I've had enough fights with squirrels who destroy my garden, and I am very tired of defending my plants against them. I don't want to add any more battles.

    1. Squirrels can be very destructive. I wish I could get them in the tree in the front yard and leave the backyard for the birds.

  3. Love to feed the birds - but so far the yard critters have won the battle of the feeder...

  4. I toss my across the yard and the birds come by, that way no feeder and no fighting for food, but where I live now we don`t have many squirrels, Roscoe caught them and ate them, I swear!

  5. My folks and I would put out food for the birds and squirrels. Most times, it was a peaceful operation -- but the occasional free-for-all did break out from time to time...


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