Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Choice : Columbus Zoo

Friday, my family visited the Columbus Zoo. It was in celebration for my daughter's 15th birthday.
She was allow to invite one friend to go with her. She was allowed to choose the destination with in a couple hours of where we lived. She choose the Columbus Zoo. As she has a love for animals. I think she gets that from me.

Thankfully the girls got along great. They were able to be their selves with no incidents. They had a blast posing on and around different exhibits.

Visiting the farm petting zoo was such a joy to my daughter. She had so much fun petting and being around the animals. It was hard to get her to move on. So, we could see the rest of the zoo. She loves animals.

It was sad to see the polar bear enclosure with no ice or snow. I know it isn't for another few months in Ohio before the snow comes. Those bears must of been really hot.

One of the exhibits in to the bear area, had displays of the height of varies bears. There was a brown bear that was taller than the polar bear. I really can't remember which bear was the tallest of them all. Any clues?

One of the ways the girls cooled off was going under one of the sprinklers around the zoo. I had to take this photo several times. As people would pay no mind to the lady trying to take a photo. As they photobombed the photos.

Many moments were comical. Such as the girls each posed for one of these pictures. I asked my daughter if she would of liked being punished like this, if she lived in those times. Being put on display in the center of town. She said," No, it makes my back hurt standing here and my feet."

Have you been to the Columbus Zoo? If not, you really don't know what a fun experience you are missing.

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