Sunday, August 2, 2015

Get Your Own Shoes

My teen son informed me recently that his older brother will not give back his slides. (Slides are a type of summer shoe made by name brands.) He said he doesn't want them back now. As his brother has got them all muddy, sweaty and has ruined them.

This bothers me for several reasons :

1. I had bought my oldest son his own pair for his birthday.
2. Not my problem he left them in someone else's vehicle. Being to lazy to retrieve them after being told to come get them.
3. Asking to borrow something from his little brother, than never giving them back and ruining them.

I am having my boyfriend talk to my oldest son about taking his brothers items and not giving them back. I would make him buy him another pair. However, I know that is not going to happen. As he has been laid off from his job. 

I am also going to see if I can find any sales to get my teen son another pair of slides. I don't see the point of spending a high amount when summer is almost over. As my teen son understand we have his sister birthday next week. Where we will be traveling out of town. Plus, still have to get the rest of the stuff for returning to school.

I have also instructed my teen son not to allow his brother to borrow anything he does not want ruin or possible not receive back. I am chalking the slides up as a lesson learned.

How would you handle a situation like this?


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