Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fig Bar Review

I was shopping at my local Chief's Supermarket when I came across "Nature's Bakery Fig Bars". I seen the fig bars were on sale 10 / $10. I have never seen these before. I had no idea if what I saw was a good deal or not. I picked up two of each kind and toss them in the cart.

Later, each of my children and myself were able to sample of each fig bar. As I cut each flavor into smaller bite size samples.

My oldest son : I like apple cinnamon best. Only buy that kind.

My teenage son : I prefer raspberry.

My teenage daughter : Mom, can you buy more of these. They only have 10 grams of sugar?

My 1 yr old grandson : Num Num (means he wants more.)

I tried each kind and enjoyed each flavor. Each bar had the right amount flavor. Even the plain fig flavor was not overwhelming like some brands offer.

I would buy these again.

Rate on scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the highest. I rate these fig bars a 5. As none of my kids complained.

Note : The opinions on this blog are purely mine and my families. I was not paid or compensated with free products for my review.

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