Monday, July 6, 2015

ABC Emotion Challenge : Ruthless, redeeming

It is of no surprise that I am related to some very ruthless people. Still married to the man who disabled me. I have stated many things that has happened in my past that has affected me by these ruthless people. It seems to never end. My own mother, siblings and their friends and significant other, and estranged husband.

However, I am one step ahead in their ruthless pursuit to hurt my family or myself. How is that you ask? I do not fall for their tricks. I am aware they will try anything to get their way no matter who they hurt to get it.

I have Jesus on my side. He has uplifted my spirit enough for me to fight against these ruthless assaults. Helping me along the way. Jesus has found my redeeming qualities to help fight the onslaught of those who negatively affect me.

I pray every night on the issues that are bothering me. The assaults, drama, and lies. Jesus helps me see past all the crap. Jesus helps me to know the words that hurt so much are only lies. Jesus helps me see. So, my family and I do not fall victim once again.

You see, Jesus loves me and my family enough to protect us from those who are weak and seek drama to hurt others. No longer do I fear when I hear the lies spewing from their lips. No longer am I held down within their grasps to be psychically tormented.

The journey I have been through is not easy. Nor is it over. As the ruthless people come up with new ways to create and stir up drama, tell lies, and ways to hurt others. Funny how months later they claim they were drunk and it was all a joke. Since when is hurting someone, slandering their name, or trying to ruin their business or involve someone who has disabled them a joke? To me it isn't funny.

I have forgiven those ruthless people time and time again. As that is what Jesus has wanted. Jesus has taught me I do not need people like that in my life. Even if they are family. As my children and my life are worth more than that. He helped build up my confidence to fight the evil.

My life is better without ruthless people in my every day life. Separating from them was hard. However, it was one of the best things I could ever do for my children and myself.

I will continue to pray for those who prey on others weakness and kindness. I pray one day they to will be redeemed and have their spirit lifted by Jesus.

I found the verses Psalm 54 : 1 - 7 and Samuel 23: 1- 6 to be of comfort in my trouble times.

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