Friday, July 17, 2015

ABC Emotional Challenge "T" - Tantrum

This weeks ABC Emotional Challenge is with the letter "T".

I am sorry I have got this blog out later than usual. My daughter had a tantrum. One of her melt downs. My fingers and toes were tingling. Not with spider sense. Instead it is my sugars being out of control with all the added stress.

One of things my daughter does in her tantrums is throw things. Thankfully she is no longer using violence to hurt me when she is having a mood swing. She has learned to keep her hands to herself. That or it is the fear of calling the cops and her risking to go to jail. Either way, it is working.

She decided after screaming, fighting with words, (She thinks you can't fight with words, it is only talking loud), trying to boss her older brother around and myself to throw a container of milk on the floor. What a mess! Not only did I make her clean the mess up. Which she used a towel instead of a mop. Than threw the towel in a pile on the kitchen floor by the back door. Instead of in the washer. She thought the towel was enough. I made her get the mop and cleaner out and clean her mess up the right way. Not the quick and easy way that would draw bugs inside the house. Can you imagine the smell if I would not had her clean properly?

For those that are unaware, my daughter is special needs. Not the typical sense where you can tell by looking at her. Hers are more mental in her brain. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), and cognitive issues. She does not think or respond like what most people think as normal. Some days are terrible. Others terrific. Her cognitive issues cause her to have a hard time socializing among her peers.  As someone will say school. She will hear the word cool instead.

I never know from one moment to the next what she will do. She is very unpredictable. I have noticed if anyone raises their voice slightly, it will send her over the edge and she will start yelling. Almost like she thinks we can't hear and will repeat herself louder each time. repeating the same words over and over. Even after we have told her we have heard her.

My family is very sensitive to her needs. As she has a hard time controlling her emotions. At times it is hard to take how she acts. She can be embarrassing in public. Espically when someone doesn't understand what is going on becomes nosy. I have realized my daughter does better under a structure environment, where she knows what she and can't do. If she thinks she can get away with someone. Like most kids, she will do it. She will push buttons and see how one will react. My biggest issue is teaching her how to take responsibility for her actions. So, she screwed up. Right? I get it everyone does. She needs to learn how to take responsibility for her actions and stop blaming others. How does one do that when she doesn't care what she does or how it affects others? I'm still working on that.

I keep telling myself everything will work out in the end. That she is going through a rough phase. Between her womanly hormones, her mental issues, and going into highschool her emotions are in over drive. She is being a  typical teen acting out. I love my daughter with all my heart. I am one mother who will do anything I can to help my daughter to come the truly amazing woman I know she will be. Even at my own sanity's cost.

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