Friday, April 17, 2015

A- Z Emotions Challenge : G

I was going to write about being Grateful. I have decided not. As I have already had a couple posts like that. That has not done well with views or comments. I have decided to write about a couple different emotions that start with the letter "G". Not only one today.

Yesterday, my boyfriend helped unload a truck at a new local food bank. My boyfriend was Gracious enough to leave his job. Where he is self employed to Give his time to help those in need. Since, his business is barely staying afloat. Plus, I don't bring much income in. Our family qualifies to receive help from the food bank.

What I really like about this new food bank. The people who have started it, is Going out of their way to hand out healthy food. It isn't food donated from local stores or unhealthy easy to prepare food in a box. It is drinks like V-8 juice. Real meat not out dated. Turkey sausage. Fresh eggs. A case of bottled water. The list goes on. It isn't a few bags. You get a couple boxes of food. The food bank freely Gives every two weeks.

I personally know a couple of the men who are helping with the food bank. They are Generous Giving souls who wish to help out their community. One suffers from Type 2 diabetis like me. Who has to eat good healthy foods in order to help control the disease. What was being handed out at other local food banks was not cutting it in forms of trying to fight the disease.

A food bank like this is something my community needed. I am proud of my boyfriend for helping and giving of his time. Even if it was as simple as unloading a truck. The Giving, Gracious, and Generous nature of strangers amazes me. When I start to loose hope. Some Goodnatured stranger shows the Good in people again.

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