Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jewell Cafe Review

For my birthday, my boyfriend decided to take me out to a local restaurant called the Jewell Cafe. It is located in Jewell, Ohio.

We have heard many good things about this place over the years. We also heard not so good. We asked some friends about the steaks. As we hear they are the best around our area. However, what we heard was disappointment. Some friends of ours has gone in recent weeks, to say their steaks were fatty. It was good to their personification. However, hearing they steaks were fatty automatically turned me and my boyfriend off. Never of us like fatty meat.

The good thing I noticed about trying to decide what we wanted to eat. On the menu it tells you what the Wi-Fi password is. Free Wi-Fi yeah!! Whomever is addicted to their smartphones, I am telling you this restaurant offers up their password right on the menu and place mat.

My boyfriend decided to get sprite to drink. As he has been having issues with dark soda's.

I opt for the raspberry flavored sweet tea. It lived up to its name. It had plenty of flavor. It was sweet made with alternative sugar, sweet and low. As I am a type 2 diabetic. I try to find an alternative between water and soda's that are offered at restaurants. Sometimes that can be a real feat.

My boyfriend order the Cod fish and fries with tartar sauce on the side. Along with macaroni and cheese as a side item. He was not happy with the way the Cod was prepared. However, the outside he said had a great taste. Only thing he liked about the was the crust.

As for the macaroni and cheese, it was made with a twist. It was not the normal mac and cheese most people are used to. It was made with mozzarella cheese. We both tried it. However, it was left sitting. As the waitress never warned us it would be prepared different. If boyfriend would of known. He would not of ordered it. As he thought it would be made with cheddar cheese. You would think the waitress would of warned him when he ordered that the restaurant mac and cheese was made different. My boyfriend is like a typical little kid when it comes to his food. (No offense babe, if you are reading this.) If it is not prepared the way he thinks it should. He won't eat it. I believe that was a big mistake on the waitresses part by now telling my boyfriend it was made with a  different cheese.

I ordered the Cod platter as well. I did not like the Cod fish either. The first piece was soaked with grease. Yuck! The second piece tasted a little better but didn't taste like it was completely cooked. I am not sure if they put the fish down at different times. Or pulled them up before they were fully cooked. Either way I will not be ordering any fish from them again. It really surprised me that the fish portions were smaller than both side items. Even McDonalds fish portion was bigger than what was served. My boyfriend had the same complaint. The coleslaw tasted awesome. It was the best tasting thing on the plate. The curly fries were good. No complaints there.

We decided not to try for dessert. We paid for our meal and left. The place were cute and inviting. However, my boyfriend and I were both disappointment with the fish was prepared. My stomach was bloating for a couple days afterwards with a slight stomach pain. My boyfriend had issues as well.

I don't think I would recommend the "Jewell Cafe" to anyone. If I had to rate this experience from a 1 to a 5. 5 being the highest rated. I would rate this a 2. As the fish was not cooked properly. My boyfriend and I both had stomach issues from it. The waitress did not warn the mac and cheese was not a typical recipe.Plus, the portion size for what we paid for the meal did not match up at all.

Have you went to a restaurant based on reviews from family and friends to be disappointed? Is there a restaurant in your surrounding area that you would not recommend?

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