Saturday, July 18, 2015

Do Dogs Really Need Toys?

One thing I enjoy is buying my dogs different toys. I had the opportunity to pick two new toys from the local Dollar Tree for only $1 a piece. I picked up a rope and a flying platypus. The flying platypus has a spot underneath that is used like a rubber band. Which allows me to fling the toy through the air. To make it look like it is flying. It is a great toy to teach a dog how to fetch. Or chase certain animals. Like a duck.

Rascal was curious about the rope but really has no interest in it. Unless he sees Moose being played with.

Moose loves the rope. He has been playing with ropes for a few years. I had to stop using a rope in play for awhile. For another dog I had before, would attack Moose whenever he tried getting near it or seen playing with it.

Rascal seems to really like the flying platypus. He started playing with it right away. He likes the squeaker inside it. He also had no issues chasing it and bringing it back to me when I to make it fly in play.

While I was at the Dollar Tree, I also managed to pick up a size small harness for Rascal. It has the rainbow color. He doesn't seem to mind the harness or try to take it off. Like he does a collar. Now that he has a harness that fits and he likes. I can take him to the local parks and places for a walk. He already loves to go for rides. I do have a leash but need to buy new ones. If you seen the ones I have, you would understand.

Rascal has decided to grab each toy and place them on the rug I have laying on the living room floor by the computer desk.

The rug is a place both dogs enjoy laying on together when I am on the computer.

Do dogs really need toys? 

Some people would answer no. That I spoil my dogs. However, I know toys are more than a way for me to have interaction with my dogs. 

Toys are great for dogs to chew. Puppies and older dogs with issues such as anxiety or separation issues tend to chew alot. 

Toys are a great product for them to chew on. Without them trying to find something to chew on and tear up your house. 

A toy will give a dog something to do when I place them in the cage when I need to leave them home alone.

Do you give your pets toys?

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